Many women do not know how to take care of their body when they have their period. They do crunches, eat a lot of sweets, drink coffee and don’t get enough sleep. They don’t know that all these things can have a negative impact on their health. During this time women become vulnerable, so it is very important to avoid stress, eat good food and enjoy life. During menstruation a woman’s body is affected by hormones. Girls are faced with problems such as rashes, irritation and abdominal pain. Doctors do not recommend doing any cosmetic procedures during your critical days. It is also recommended to refrain from training for at least the first days of your period. Here are a few mistakes that women make during their critical days.

#1. Removing your hair with wax

Your skin becomes more sensitive on these days, so waxing may cause a feeling of strong pain and irritation.

#2. Not keeping track of your critical days

It is important to monitor your cycle. This will help you to determine pregnancy or to identify health problems in time.

#3. Not monitoring the color and intensity of blood

In order to stay healthy, you need to pay attention to the indicators of your menstrual health. If you experience strange symptoms such as red-orange blood, heavy bleeding or very painful cramping, you should consult a gynecologist.

#4. The use of scented personal hygiene items

Perfumed pads and tampons usually contain chemicals that irritate your skin and can lead to infections.

#5. Waiting for cramping to take a pain-killer

It is scientifically proven that you should start taking pain-killers a couple of days before the beginning of your period. This makes them more effective.

#6. Not washing your hands before replacing pads

It is very important to monitor the cleanliness of your vagina in order to avoid infections.

#7. Not consuming enough required vitamins

During our critical days, we lose a lot of blood, this means our body needs iron rich products.

#8. Not replacing pads and tampons every 3-4 hours

It is very important to regularly replace pads and tampons because at this time our vagina becomes a breeding ground for bacteria.

#9. Not getting enough sleep

Lack of sleep during menstruation leads to irritability, nervousness and increased pain.

#10. Drinking coffee

Drinking coffee removes water from the body. This also leads to increased pain and anxiety.