Today, we are going to be sharing with you 10 life hacks that will make your life easier.


1. How to know if batteries are good.

Drop the batteries 5-6 inches from the table. If the battery makes one little bounce and drops – its good. If it makes more jumps than it is dead or almost dead.


 2. Absorb garbage juices.

Take an old newspaper and throw it at the bottom of your garbage bin to absorb juices.


 3. Keep a safety card in your wallet.

Keep an empty card in your wallet that has important information about you. Example: (blood type, emergency number, medications that you take etc.). It might save your life someday.


 4. Clean keyboard.

The simplest way to clean a keyboard is to take a sticky note and run it between the keys.


 5. DIY ice pack.

Take a saturated sponge and place it in a zip lock bag with water. You will now have an ice pack that doesn’t drip when it melts.


 6. Clean car headlights.

Use toothpaste to clean up hazy car headlights. You will be amazed by how good this trick works.


 7. Keep that pizza HOT.

When you are driving home and you are bringing a pizza, put on your seat warmer to keep the pizza warm while you are driving.


 8. Keep your emergency money safe.

Take an empty lip balm container, clean it out, and put the money inside. This trick is especially useful if you are on vacation. You will keep your money safe.


 9. Heat up left overs properly.

When you want to heat up left overs in the microwave, simply make a circle in the middle of the food. This will help you to heat up your food equally.


 1o. Light up a candle.

It happens to all of us. We burn ourselves when we try to light up a candle. Take a spaghetti stick and light up the candle with it.

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