Japan is probably the most beautiful countries generally recognizable for its green mountains, blue sea, energetic culture as well as its mouth-watering dishes. Now many people have been requesting the same question – how can Japanese women stay so slim and young?

Well, it is widely believed that it must be their cuisine that keeps these folks looking in their prime. Down below is a listing of 10 reasons that many believe are how Japanese women stay slim and look young:

  1. Drinking Green Tea

    Japanese men and women enjoy drinking green tea. It is not only tasty but highly useful as well, loaded with antioxidants that battle off free radicals and delay aging, all while supporting weight loss.


2. Eating Fermented Foods

The process of fermentation preserves the natural nutrients in the food and creates beneficial enzymes, omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins as well as various strains of probiotics, that help promote helpful intestinal bacteria and break down food to a more digestible form.


3. Popularity of Seafood

Japanese folks also enjoy having seafood rather than red meat. Steak has been linked to a number of health conditions such as obesity, inflammatory illnesses and high levels of cholesterol. One the other hand rice or noodles taken with seafood are useful thanks to their high-quality proteins and essential goodness that are beneficial for the center, internal organs, and brain, while promoting smooth skin.


4. Eating Smaller Portions

Smaller portions make you eat less food and help you lose bodyweight, it is that straightforward.


5. Taking Walks Is A Ritual

It is embedded in the Japanese tradition for both women and men, to walk a whole lot, as it is the simplest exercise that allows you stay slim and fit while enhancing your cardiovascular health, enhancing energy and relieving stress.


6. Go Food is No-No Food

Meal times are viewed as sacred, which explains why Japan people consider it rude if you eat on the go. You will never see someone eating on the street or while riding in open public transport. And on top of the, while people eat, they don’t work or watch television, they just eat. In addition, these people tend to eat slower to pervent overeating.


7. Healthy Food preparing Methods

Not just is the Japanese cuisine made up of healthy ingredients, but food preparation methods as well. raw simmered and grilled techniques predominate in the meals, helping avoid the use of extra oil and keeping the taste and nutritional value of the elements. Also, they avoid deep-frying foods.


8. Practicing Martial Artistry

Martial arts are yet another workout that increases cardiovascular health and endurance as well as helps build muscle mass strength and versatility.


9. Hot Spring Baths

Warm spring baths have already been proven to have restoration forces.  It also turns out to be beneficial for health. That is due to the temperature of the water as well as its nutrient content. Having a hot springtime bath at least two times every single month is one of the reasons why Western women continue to be slim and look so young.


10. Healthful Desserts

While they stay away from desserts, Japanese women eat sweets less often, instead, they eat fresh fruit.