10 Things Every Man Wants in Bed And Every Woman Should Know And Do

Let’s keep things simple and straight flowered. Here are 10 things that every man wants in bed.

1. To See You Take Initiative

We are always happy to make the first move, and trust me if you don’t, we will. But it’s way better when we know how eager you are and can’t wait.

2. Sexy Lingerie

Yes, we know you mostly wear it to turn us on, and we actually appreciate. Even if we seem to hardly notice as we rip it off and toss it on the floor, believe me, we do notice it and thank you.

3. Foreplay

Please don’t assume that we are always ready to do it like RIGHT NOW. As a matter of fact, we do love the gradual build as much as we love the crescendo. And good sex offers both.

4. Spontaneity

It’s impossible for a couple not to fall into some kind of situation that is not “appropriate”. Sex before work, sex without any penetration, and sex on the coffee table or in the kitchen will all do the trick.

5. Dirty Talk

Or at the very least, some encouraging moans to let us recognize when we’re on the right track.

6. To Hear His Name

Nothing keeps us in the moment like the sound of our own name. Use that to your benefit.

7. Safety

Unless we’re in a long-term relationship, you’re taking the Pill, and we’ve both been tested for STDs, then condoms are the way to go. Odds are, we have one with us. But we forget it? Even if we don’t, please occasionally pull it out just before we have a chance to. It shows us that you’re willing to take joint responsibility for our safety.

8. A Game-for-Anything Attitude

If we want to play out a dream or try a new position, we hope you’ll at least be open to trying it. And we promise—we’ll do the same for you.

9. A Sense of Humor

When stuff goes wrong, it can either be hilarious, or destructive. Our capability to laugh with each other makes a big difference.

10. To Make You Orgasm

It’s not all about us. So, please—tell us what you want. We want to please you.

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