This article is created by a team of psychologists and we hope that will solve your love dilemma.

Do you feel like the love between you and your partner is gone?
Are you disappointed or without emotions in your relationship?
If you are in doubt about your true love, true emotions and do you need to stay in that relationship then we have the answers for you. Here are presented 15 signs that will help you to find your real answer and your real life path:

1) You’re not excited anymore

In the beginning of your relationship you was happy, your eyes were bright, your time was full with interesting moments and happiness, but now everything is different. You are bored, you do not see satisfaction and joy in your relationship.

2) You want to change your partner into another person

You maybe appreciate and respect your partner, but you cannot accept some attitudes and behavior of your partner. You need to understand two things: you need to know that people cannot change in the same moment when you want to; and second if you really love someone then you will accept him/her with all his/her flaws and good attitudes.

3) Your partner irritates you

You do not have enough patience for your partner and his/her needs. If you cannot spend enough time on phone, at the restaurant, or at dinner with your partner then something is wrong with your relationship. If you do not know why some simple things annoy you then maybe it is time to change your partner and release both of you from the pain and suffer.

4) You two don’t talk much

Conversations are one of the deepest and purest things that connect people. Especially people who are in relationship are deeply connected and they can tell everything, to share all secrets, dilemmas or problems and it is ok. These faithful conversations make you smart, wiser and better after. Having good conversation is natural thing in every healthy relationship, so if you are lack of it or if you do not feel need to spend your intimate thoughts, problems and valuable things with your partner then maybe you are not in love with your partner.

5) Sex has become a task

Having sex only like a task of your daily schedule is not good thing and you should think more about it. For being in relationship both of you have to be in love, to want that closeness and relationship. If your sex is based only on the need to have sex, or it became only your habit without feelings then do not do it.

6) You’d rather be with friends

Having normal and constant contacts with your friends while you are in relationship is one of the best things which show that you respect equally your close friends and your lover. But if you do not want to spend time with your partner and rather will spend all of your leisure time with your friends then ask yourself how much you love your partner.

7) You are not attracted to them

Being in love is one truly, madly and deeply feeling that drives you crazy when you think about your partner. But if you no longer feel love, attraction or desire for your partner then stop finding excuses for being not attracted and tell the truth.

8) You fish for compliments

Maybe this is not one of the most common signs but searching for compliments all around you just to increase your self-confidence and attractiveness is a sign that you are not satisfied from your partner and you want to hear more about you from other people.

9) You’re depressed about your home life

If you are depressed about your home life, you do not feel joy and satisfaction in your home, you cannot be patient and only stay at home and enjoy in your time together spent at home then you are not more comfortable in that home and you need to accept it. You do not need to find arguments just to go out, or to spend more time alone, but instead of it you can tell the truth to your partner and solve the problem.

10) You aren’t comfortable being yourself

Do you feel good when you are alone? If not, and you are not more comfortable being alone and spend time only for yourself then it is not end of the world, but maybe it is end of your love story. If you do not feel equal feelings from your partner, he/she does not make you feeling good anymore then maybe you should end up that relationship.

11) You feel like you’re distanced from each other

That closeness between you that is used to be there in the past is gone now. This is one of the common sings that tells you many things about your current relationship. Maybe you are strangers now and you do not have the same emotional stage. This sign tells you that the final break is coming.

12) Negative energy is all around

Frequent fights, not mutual deal about normal questions and surrounding of negative energy all around you can be sign that you are not in love anymore. Negativity can be manifested emotionally, physically or mentally.

13) Your relationship doesn’t make you happy

Lack of happiness and joy in your life is symptom that your relationship is sick. It does not mean that you have to have extremely happy moments every time, but you have to feel happiness and good mood all the time.

14) You feel that something is missing

Having not much love and enjoy in your life can be mistake. If you are not complete then something is missing, but you do not want to fight for it then your relationship is the wrong one. Being empty or incomplete is the answer that your relationship is not the real one for you.

15) The butterflies have flown away

Where your butterflies from your stomach gone? If your butterflies are gone, you do not feel satisfaction, good vibes or adrenaline when you meet your partner then maybe it shows you then something is wrong. Maybe it is not you, maybe it is your partner, but you need to think more deeply about your relationship.

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