5 Tips To Keep Your Man In Love With You Forever!

5 Tips To Keep Your Man In Love With You Forever!

As easy it seems, Love is not everyone’s cup of tea. Not everyone is a keeper but trying your best to keep your relationship new and lovely is not that difficult. It takes few to have your relationship goals achieved. Don’t always be the one who expects, be the one who fulfills one’s expectation because it is a relationship of two people.

  1. Talk in his language of love:

    We girls often tend to forget that not all our ways are as good as we think and there is no issue if your boyfriend has got a different way of love or even a better way of love. This relationship needs both of you equally, so directly or indirectly ask what is his language of love and get started. You can make him amazing food to eat but what he wants is your time!

  2. Give him space

    It is not only you who needs space. A relationship is a mixture of everything, love, fights, jealousy, possessiveness and also SPACE. Cut down on something else but space of your partner. You are not the only person in his life and you need to accept this fact as soon as possible. Always checking his phone messages, his call logs are some easy steps to end a relationship!

  3. Don’t be a mother to him, be a friend!

    Boys are the happiest when with their friends. So this is a signal for you to be as easy as his male friends. Don’t be a mother to him by always keeping an eye on him and being overprotective and suggesting him what to wear. Be cool enough to comfort him and let him share a healthy and contented relationship.

  4. Stop Cribbing

    Don’t be a spoilsport! Cribbing about almost everything has now become an identity of a girl. Don’t be one of those girls who irritate their partners by starting a discussion of Marriage. This topic often irritates the boy and shows your insecurities and doubts towards their relationship. Give this relationship some time and let it be real and not forceful one. Marriage is the last and the most important step and requires a lot of time, understanding and efforts which cannot be built in days.

  5. Accept his lows and appreciate his Highs

    You might not be told about it but you definitely have a lot of lows and highs, lot of good and bad in you which your boyfriend doesn’t let you know. Same goes for you. Never let your boyfriend realize his lacking points and adjust as there is nothing more important than the person who loves you. Not just accepting the imperfections in him, appreciate how good he is in his work, in the efforts he puts in and all that you know about your boyfriend!