One man can get frustrated, angry or sometimes even aggressive if he founds out that his partner is entertaining her best friend or someone else. They simply don’t want to see their lady getting close with some other man or ending your relationship.

So, if you feel like things are unusual in your relationship you may want to keep reading this article and look at the 7 THINGS WOMEN DO WHILE THEY ARE CHEATING IN A RELATIONSHIP

Asking your day to day routine

If you don’t work from home and your girlfriend is always asking you about your daily routines and plans it may be a sign that she is planning something without you knowing.

When she seems to be preoccupied with her thoughts

You notice that she is thinking about something else while you are making a conversation and she is always in some other place with her mind. This is a very strong sign that no man should ignore. Maybe she is thinking about somebody else or maybe even how to end the relationship.

Non – stop nagging

If she is always nagging you about any small imperfection in your relationship it might be a sign that she is trying to stretch the grounds for the breakup.

Tagging an individual with ‘Just a friend’

She has somebody new in her life and she is always saying that he is “just a friend”. Try to notice unease on her face… if she seems off than it might be a sign that he is more than “just a friend”. Maybe he is more than that.

Doesn’t seem to answer properly in a confrontation

If you are always asking questions and bringing out your worries on the table and she doesn’t talk about it, or maybe even burst out that you are always accusing her it may be a sign that she wants to break up with you.

Common one- hiding cell phone from you

If she is always hiding her cell phone from you than this is the strongest sign that something is happening behind the curtains. Try to check her phone once in a while. If she doesn’t give it to you it might indicate that she has something that she doesn’t want you to see… Another man perhaps.

Not interested in romance anymore

She doesn’t want to do anything romantic. She stops having fun and isn’t interested in doing anything. Everywhere you go is boring.. these are all signs that she doesn’t want to be around you. Maybe another man is fulfilling her more than you do and that’s why she acts that way.

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