Refined carbohydrates are one of the most harmful products for our bodies. Anyone who has tried to eliminate sugar from the menu will have been defeated, as almost all food products contain sugar. Adults and children become addicted to it. A regular overdose of this product is dangerous for our health and causes diseases that worsen the quality of life and lead to early mortality. Sugar is the cause of many diseases such as diabetes, tooth decay, hypertension, liver disease and heart problems. The abuse of sugar slows metabolism and leads to obesity. Our body can safely metabolize only 50 gr. of sugar a day, that’s why we should monitor the food we eat. Pay attention to these eight signs that can tell you something about your sugar dependence.

#1 You carry extra weight

Products containing sugar do not fill our bodies and make us eat more and more. This makes many sugar lovers gain an extra weight.

#2 You can’t imagine your life without sweets

Sugar addiction is similar to drug addiction. You may feel withdrawal if you don’t get a new dose.

#3 You are prone to mood swings

When sugar is metabolized in our body the sugar level drops and it causes mood swings.

#4 You feel sluggish, even when you have just woken up

Excessive consumption of sugar affects the glucose levels in your blood, that’s why you may feel lethargic and lack energy.

#5 You have dental issues

Excessive consumption of sugar destroys your teeth. If you are experiencing toothache, pain while chewing and tooth sensitivity your teeth are damaged.

#6 Your skin suffers from acne and pimples

Excessive consumption of sugar causes insulin spikes, and this causes the formation of acne and other skin problems.

#7 You feel the need to increase the sugar dosage

The more sugar you consume, the sooner your taste buds adapt to it, that means you will increase your dosage to experience the same sweet taste.

#8 You experience brain fog after eating

You may feel brain-fogginess when you have low blood sugar.