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According To Science, Parents Prefer Their First-Born Child To Their Siblings

We’ve all the debate with our parents as to who their favorite child is. Every parent has had to tell at least one of their children that they do not have any favorites as a result of this line of questioning. For those who have a hard time buying their explanations, this scientific study is going to confirm an awful lot of suspicions.

The first born child is actually more likely to be the preferred child. An intricate study was conducted in order to settle the debate and the first born children won out. In order to find out more, 384 sets of siblings were quizzed. A wide range of questions were asked in order to find out more about which sibling was most likely to get preferential treatment.

The siblings were asked specific questions about how their parents treat them and how they can sense when one child is being treated in a preferential manner. In addition to questioning the siblings, the parents were also asked if they were willing to confess to having a favorite. Can you believe that seven out of every ten parents was willing to admit that they do have a favorite?

If you are anything like us, you are already preparing your notes for the inevitable “I told you so!” phone call. Others may decide to wait until the holidays roll around, so that this information is able to be shared in person. Younger siblings also spoke out about the feelings of inadequacy that they experience because of the attention that their older siblings get.

Elder siblings were found to have inflated egos in many instances as a result. The older siblings are believed to consider themselves superior because they are able to achieve certain milestones more quickly. Before you decide to disown your parents, please remember that this is just the result of one study. It does not serve as an accurate representation of every single household in the world.

Unless we are lucky to the prodigy child, there is very little that we are able to do to change the amount of love that our parents have for us. In order to deal with this sad reality, we have decided to provide you with an awesome video of child prodigies to make the medicine go down a little bit more smoothly. Be sure to pass this one along to your parents and siblings as soon as possible.