A couple from Minnesota is facing murder charges and jail time after allegedly trying to save their 7-year-old son by praying and not calling 911. People around the globe are frustrated that the only thing they did is they prayed for their son

The parents, Sarah and Timothy Johnson have already been charged with child neglect in March 2015. But now they are also facing jail time for letting their child die without them seeking any medical attention.

Allegedly, the parents were scared to take their child to the doctor. They said that they were concerned about the medications they would have prescribed.  So, instead, they decided to pray for the boy and his recovery.

They admitted that they were aware conditions and symptoms that the problem was serious. Even when they saw that, they didn’t take him to the doctor. They also admitted that the little boy was complaining that he couldn’t sleep for nights and they still didn’t do anything to help him.

Friends close to the couple said that before their son’s death, they went away for the weekend and they left the sick little boy in the care of his 16-year-old brother. When they came back, they found their son collapsed on the floor and decided to pray rather seek any medical attention. The night was bad for the little kid as he bearly survived till the next morning.

Neighbors close to the couple called the police and explained to them about the situation. The police went on an investigation and they were shocked.

Police found the little boy the next morning. They reported that they when they found the boy he was already passed out and covered in vomit. He was rushed to the hospital in a very bad condition. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it. Later that they the little boy was pronounced dead by the paramedics.

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