Many followers of paganism and modern esotericism use palm reading to predict the future and find out about the personal traits of the person. It’s not easy to understand the meanings of palm lines. You will need to learn how to identify main and secondary lines and to read them properly. Every line on your palm represents different areas of your life, and each line tells a story or contains secrets about your personality. Palm reading can be entertaining and enjoyable, as it can reveal something about you, something that you didn’t know. The key to successful palm reading is looking at all the lines together to obtain a real picture of life. So let’s try to read what your palms have to say about you life right now.

The main line is the heart line. This is the upper part of two vertical lines intersecting the palm of your hand. The heart line will tell you about the health and emotional relationships of a person. You can learn a lot about the character of a person simply by connecting their hands.

Take your hands and make the lateral parts of your palms connect. The way of your heart lines match up can say something about your love life.

#1. You have a high heart line on your right hand

You’re a great lover! You prefer to have romantic relationships with people older than you as they can teach you something new. You live your life to the extreme.

#2. You have a high heart line on your left hand

You are confident and intelligent. You’re not looking for a romantic relationship, as you don’t need to be a part of a couple to feel complete.

#3. Your heart lines are perfectly matching.

This means that you are the loyal partner. You hate cheating, you always try to be honest with your partner and it is likely that you will become a good parent.