Have you ever bought a new pair of shoes and they felt a bit tight and uncomfortable?

It happens all the time! Since nobody wants to throw away their beautiful but uncomfortable shoes, today we are going to be sharing with you a simple method on how to expand them.

This trick works best with leather shoes, but it still works well with artificial leather type shoes although you might need to repeat the process once in a while if the shoes become tight again.
Follow the step by step directions below and you will be amazed by the end results.


  • You will need two plastic zip-lock bags.
    Fill up a quarter of the bags with water.
  • Make sure all of the air is out before you lock the zip-lock bag. Also, make sure that there is no water on the outside of the shoe or the bag.
  • Place the bags in the shoes and put them in the freezer and let the water freeze. You can leave them in the freezer overnight to make sure that the water is completely frozen before taking them out.
  • After you take out the shoes, leave them at a room temperature for about 20 minutes. Once the ice starts to melt remove the bags and try the shoes with a hairdryer.
  • Try on your new shoes. If they feel tight or uncomfortable repeat the entire process again.

After you do these steps your shoes will be stretched out so you can easily fit your feet and feel comfortable again. If any of the steps are not clear, you can watch a youtube video so it’s visually simpler for you to do this process.

Help your family and friends by sharing this amazing trick. Everybody needs to know this secret! Don’t keep it to yourself.

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