You may have noticed that there or labels on the fruits when you are at the grocery store, but you most likely have never thought of what is actually their meaning. There are numbers on the labels which tell a lot of important information about the fruit. That number is called PLU – Product Looking Number.

This number is important for the buyer to know what he/she is buying. If you are super cautious for your health than you must keep reading this article. The most shocking thing is that nobody informs us about these labels even though they are vital for our well-being. Hopefully, after reading this information you will be more cautious when you are buying fruit for you and your family.


If you see a label that has 4 digits in the number and it starts with either 3 or 4, it means that the fruit is not GMO, but that it was actually grown in farms with chemicals and pesticides.

If it starts with the number 9 it means that the fruit is organically grown without chemicals. This is the best option for everyone. Next time you go shopping, try looking out for this label.

Lastly and most importantly, if the label starts with an 8 it means that the fruit is embraced with GMO. If you don’t know what GMO food is, I would suggest that you look it up. There are countless articles debating over the health hazards of eating GMO food.

Only a few people know about this information even though it’s very vital for our health. We advise you to look at the labels before purchasing fruits next time. Share this information with your friends.

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Stay healthy!

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