What Is Karma? – It’s Not What You Thought It Is.

At some point in your life, you have heard or said that “Karma will get you back”. Here in the west, karma is known as a “good will bring good and bad will be bad” thing, which is a concept that nobody has told yet all of us believe in. The true meaning of Karma and the results of it have a much deeper meaning than most people know or expect. In today’s blog, you will learn the true meaning of Karma, of its origins and also how to “protect” yourself/ end the cycle of Karma. This will touch every aspect of your life and it’s worth knowing and becoming aware of the true meaning behind it.

What does Karma mean?

Karma is a Sanskrit word. an ancient word and the true meaning of the word KARMA is ACTION. Karma is a concept that originated in the East, and it’s popular in the Buddist and Indian traditions. It dates back thousands and thousands of years and it is believed by many people.

You might think to yourself – Action? What does that have to do with any justice and equality? Well, this is where the true meaning of Karma steps in to play. Karma is NOT a justification law and it does not mean that some higher power will bring justice or – bring good for the good and bad for the bad.

It rather means that for every action there is a consequence. In a way, if a person takes a BAD action, meaning they do something with their EGO and their IDENTITY or in other words being SELFISH and do actions that are selfish and in their benefit, they will suffer the consequences of that action.

On the other hand, if a person does something from their heart or inner soul if you will that action is a GOOD action and it will bring good consequences. Now, the next question you should ask yourself is – ” Am I selfish? “. The answer is yes.

Some people are more selfish than others and that is a fact that nobody can stand up against. In the end of the day, we all do selfish acts that are aimed at us and aimed to benefit from. So, you are a selfish bad person and you will have a miserable life because of it?

Well, yes and no. One thing that many people believe is that Karma brings up consequences from the outer world which is partially true. Karma, in fact, brings the “punishment” in the inside more so on the outside word.

For example, someone robs a bank and they get away with it. Everyone is expecting the punishment of karma would be for him to go to jail, but rather karma works on the inside of that person.

Meaning, in time they will feel guilt, or even if they do suppress those feeling which is quite possible to do, their action of selfishness will chain up and break out in different aspects of that person’s life. Since they are selfish they will be selfish to their girlfriends for example.

They might not do anything but their selfishness will eat them from the inside and it will express on other levels like feeling jealous. Therefore, that person will feel insecure and will lose the relationship and every other relationship that he enters. It is a chain that is developed in the core of a person’s mind.

The example of the bank robbery is a good one but it’s not a realistic everyday thing that most of us will ever do. So the next example will be much more realistic. For example, you are jealous or envy a colleague in your workplace. You are jealous that he has a better job than you and makes more money. Even the thought of being selfish, which in this situation you are since you are thinking about yourself and how to be better can bring you “bad” karma. This thought can manifest in different ways which will disrupt your inner peace.

Maybe you won’t get a punishment from the outer world, but on the inside, that simple thought will hunt you and you might express it with shouting to your partner. It may even make you work less since you have that thought stuck in your mind. So in a way, it will affect your outer world but most of it comes from the inside. For every action follows another action. One step after the other and you build a chain of unwanted actions.

If you want to know more on this topic you can find a very in deapth video explaining more on the topic and I would recommend that you watch it. It is truly amazing and well made so everyone can understand the core meaning. Shout out at  www.actualized.org that bring this concept to sight in a very amazing way:

This blog was originally written by Buzz Around.