Are you gaining body weight lately? You may be happily in love, so that is the reason.

Today we are going to presenting you the results of a recent study. The study proved that happy lovers gain weight more than unhappy couples.

There are a lot of peer reviewed studies which in turn have proved that lovers that are happy with their romantic relationships tend to gain some extra weight as the time goes by.

Interestingly, there is one recent term which is called “love weight” and it refers to the weight gained by lovers in their relationship. This term made researchers think “out of the box” and start a study to showcase if there is any truth.

The subjects of a recent research were 169 couples. In the course of 4 years, they are constantly studied by researchers from NCBI.

They have observed that wedded couples who were happy and satisfied with their romantic relationships showed some considerable weight increase.

They have also witnessed that those lovers who were not gaining weight or stayed slimmer were unhappy in their relationships.

Another thing which they also observed was that these couples had some higher risk of filing divorce.
The final result from this research was that those who have retained their slim figures have higher chances of committing infidelity or cheating.

Another point which was also concluded is that happy lovers are the very least concerned on what they appear. They also don’t care about beauty standards.

Gaining some weight in relationships might be healthy, but it also has setbacks.
If the gaining of weight gets to some unmanageable levels the partners may, in fact, be at risk of having cardiovascular diseases.

It is also an option to live a healthier way of life so that all couples will live much longer.

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