We functioned like normal happy family and I remembered all those happy days with her. Those moments when I carried her in my arms to the door, I kept in mind on our wedding days. I felt her perfume, her body smell, her skin. But day by day I also noticed how my wife became skinnier and easier to carry.

I decided not to divorce. These days were better than all moments spent with Joan. I was so confused. Then I told Joan I want to break up with her and I want to save my marriage. Joan was furious, she shouted, slapped me and shut the door. But I did not feel bad.

I bought flowers and I was happy as the first day I kissed my wife. I took flower card and wrote: “I will carry you every morning until death parts us” and I run at home.

When I entered the door I found my wife laying on the floor, dead. I was heartbroken, shocked, with no words.

When I found out that my wife got cancer. She was fighting the most severe fight in her life and I was so busy with my mistress to notice the changes. I left her alone. And at the end, I told her that I do not love her and I want to divorce her. Instead of support, I destroyed her.

She was aware of her situation and the last thing she wished was our son to remember us as a happy family. Her wish was me to carry her on arms every morning same as on the day of our marriage. She swore to me that she will be with me till the death takes us apart and she stood faithful to it.

My wife learned me that materialize things are not important. Besides all those money, cars, good job, business trips, house and mistress I forgot the most important thing in my life- my family.

I know I was the worst father and husband and I do not want you to feel sorry. I am going through very hard moments, not because I lost my wife, but because I did not show her that I love her and she means everything to me. Now it is too late… “

Appreciate your family, love your partner, learn that family is the most important thing in the world and never compare material to non-material things.

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