Every man wants s*x. It is a fact well-known and it is especially true in the mornings. Namely in the mornings when men wake up they have increased erection or possibility for erection.

Women in the other side have problems with waking up early and want to spend some minutes more on sleeping. However even women want to sleep more and do not want to spend their precious time dedicated for sleeping on s*x, men are more active.

Doctors found out that this erection is normal and that it will pass as the person wakes up. So, if you do not have s*x early in the morning, do not worry, the morning wood will happen tomorrow again.

It’s just part of life, men of all ages wake up with an erection.

The medical name for this is NPT or nocturnal penile tumescence that is considered to be normal for men of all ages.

Some people think the arousal is the result of a dream filled with sexual fantasies.

It does not mean that is always true. It may be true in some cases but it is more linked with the fact that men do not pay attention to their bodies and needs.

It has often been called a pee-boner as well, assuming guys just need to pee and all will be fine.

As years pass this phenomenon becomes less present. It disappears to people who are in their 60’s.

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