The brain controls our bodies and function. This is why men can control being aroused at work, in the gym or on a date.

It varies as the brain cycles vary. In the REM stage the brain sleeps and that is condition for the penis to have enough freedom to do what it wants.

He’s a total man’s man in the mornings because he’s hormonal.

In the morning the level of testosterone are on their highest, so as the hours pass it will go down and normalizes.

A man’s penis wants to be in tip-top shape at all times so when the time comes to perform, it is ready for action.

One belief here is that penis is a muscle that exercises in the morning, so the erection is just condition when the penis is full with blood since it exercises and moves in the morning.

He rubbed up against you, the pillow or the sheets accidentally.

Different movements can arouse the penis, such as physical stimulation, hug, touch and so on. If it feel something it becomes hard.

It’s important for men to get a good night’s sleep to be productive during the day.

Well and qualified dream is significant for penis, since the testosterone production and amount in the morning is increased. Men should sleep more than 5 hours in order to maintain the normal testosterone levels.

You may need to start compromising as a couple.

You have to make compromises with your lady since women are more active in the nights.

If you happen to notice that he gets an erection during the night, he is not alone.

Men have around 5 erections in a night and every one of them lasts approximately 25 minutes, so do not worry about your morning erection. It is normal process.

The morning wood does not discriminate on the age of the males.

Nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT) happens to men in every stage of their lives.

A man’s bladder may also be making him get an erection.

Full bladder can also be linked with erection. If it is not empty it makes pressure and stimulates the area of the spinal cord which responds with erection.

Guys need not worry or feel embarrassed. Getting the morning wood is good news.

Morning erection can appear 3 times in a week. It can be more occasional too. Doctors say that this situation is good for the overall health, so if you have it then you are going well.

Not working out enough or being active can lower testosterone levels.

Men who are more active and train are more likely to have dip testosterone levels. So make balance and be sure you are health and have normal processes.

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