The Mother Who Dumped Her Newborn Baby To Be Eaten By Ants Says That She Didn’t Even Want It

A mom accused of throwing her baby girl in a bush told prosecutors she didn’t want to be a mother and doesn’t want to see her child.

Sidney Woytasczyk, 21, has been charged with child abandonment after abandoning her newborn in a flower bed close to her Houston apartment.

Prosecutors say she gave delivery to the baby in her kitchen at her apartment, she said that she cut the cord and left the newborn revealed to the elements in a flowerbed to prevent her oblivious sweetheart from being frightened away.

During the 21-year-old’s second court appearance, at Harris County, on Wednesday the woman told investigators she did not want to be a mother and did not want to see her baby.

The infant is currently in the ICU and being treated for a bacterial infection after Woytasczyk ripped the placenta in two. The little girl could be at risk of developing meningitis.

Woytasczyk later told police she had panicked after giving birth because she didn’t know she was pregnant.

Prosecutors believed that Woytasczyk sensed the baby girl turn in her womb prior to dropping out onto the kitchen floor.

They said she confessed to cutting the child’s umbilical cord, then abandoning it naked to the elements.

‘The defendant stated she went outside without wrapping it. She did cut the cord.’

But in reality, the cord was not clamped and tied, putting the child at the threat of bleeding to death and leading to her creating a bacterial infection, said the authorities.

Now she has been charged with a criminal offense charge of abandoning a child and leading to serious physical injury and, if found guilty, could receive up to 20 years in prison.

Prosecutors also said she had portrayed worries about how having a baby may affect her romantic relationship with Deandre Skillern.

Her Boyfriend

Skillern, who told a courtroom last week that he didn’t know Woytasczyk was expecting a baby, has not been charged in link with the criminal case.

He has now taken a DNA test to prove he is the father and is contesting Woytasczyki’s mother for custody of the child.

Custody will be decided by a judge; in the meantime, the infant is with Child Protection Services.

Prosecutors asked for bail to be set at $40,000; Woytasczyki’s lawyer asked for it to be considerably lower, saying that she is a student who works retail and lives with her mom.

Bail was finally set at $20,000, with the judge citing concern over Woytasczyki’s mental health as a factor.

‘There are some pretty serious allegations contained within that warrant,’ she added.

The infant was found outside an apartment building in the bushes on Thursday morning by a homeowner who heard her crying as she walked by the bush.

The baby probably would have died if no-one had found her in time.

In the mean time, Sargent Matt Ferguson pleaded with mothers to be aware of the Baby Moses Law.

He said: ‘If you have a newborn and it’s 3 months old or younger you can take that baby to a fire station, a hospital or an emergency facility anywhere at all and you will not be charged with anything.’

According to the police department, she left the newborn around 11.30pm on Wednesday night, almost six hours prior to the child being.

Albert Peterson found the baby crying at around 5 am the next day. She was lying in the soil of a flower bed, covered in ants and other debris. Her umbilical cord was still attached.

Peterson lifted the baby off the ground, cleaned and swaddled her and called the police.

Police officers then followed a path of blood to the Cypress Creek Apartments home shared by the couple Skillern and Woytasczyk.

Skillern spoke in court on Friday and said he had no idea that his daughter was pregnant. Woytasczyk’s mom Tina, said the same.

Graphic evidence was also shown to the court that day that showed that the umbilical cord was ripped, not cut out, which likely caused the baby girl’s bacterial infection.

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