Parents Leave Baby In House While They Greet Friends On Front Porch. 5 Minutes Later, They…

Authorities in Michigan currently have launched an investigation after a 3-week-old baby girl was killed by a dog when her mother and father left her alone.

According to WOOD, Susannah Murray was cruely bitten around 6 p.m. on Thursday after her parents left her alone while they went outside the house.

Authorities say Susannah’s mother and father put her inside of a glider, which is reportedly similar to a bouncer, while they sat on their front porch with several other friends.

When the pair came back to check on their infant daughter about five minutes later, they discovered that she had been bitten.

They soon realized that a pit bull was standing next to the baby with blood around its mouth.
Although Susannah had been rushed to the hospital immediately, she ended up passing away in the early hours of Friday morning.

Around 2 a.m., employees from Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital called the Grand Rapids Police Department to notify the police about what had happened to the little baby girl.

Sgt. Terry Dixon with the Grand Rapids Police Department said that the autopsy report revealed that Susannah’s injuries were consistent with a dog bite.

“What happened to that baby girl is horrible. This is also a perfect example to remind us that we should never leave our kids alone with animals.” he later added during a Friday afternoon news conference.

The police determinant says there were three pit bulls in the household at the time of the incident, and that none of the dogs were contained to a certain area.

“I don’t think you that this can only happen with a pit bull. The breed of the dog is not important. Any dog can do the same,” Dixon said.

It is now up to prosecutors to determine whether or not Susannah’s parents will be faced charges after the situation.

After KSAT shared this story on Facebook, several moms and dads slammed Savannah’s family for leaving her alone with three dogs.

“It isn’t just pit bulls. Any dog is capable of hurting a baby/adult regardless of how much you love the animal. My cat attacked my little baby once very aggressively just because there was a cat fight outside of our home. They are just animals….so sad for this family,” one mom commented.

“Parents fault for leaving the infant alone. The dog just thought it was a toy. Being that young, the dog hadn’t had time to get used to it being a part of the family,” another added.

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