If You See Men With A Painted Fingernail, Here’s The Hidden Meaning Behind It

Men have been noticed walking around with a single fingernail colored on just one hand. While it’s easy to see this sudden fashion trend and even assume that it’s just another hipster fad that some guys have decided to join in on. Unfortunately, there’s a much darker meaning behind it that everybody needs to know.

The first that started this movement was Elliot Costello, who met a young girl named Thea while he was traveling with a group called Hagar International. Elliot and the team landed in Cambodia to see how they could make an impact in this underprivileged area. But in turn, the tiniest village left the largest impression on Elliot, who noticed an issue that’s much bigger than Cambodia and affects little children all over the world, especially here in the US.


While getting to know little Thea, Elliot met her on her degree and did things that she would certainly think was fun. For this girly-girl, that meant painting nails. He colored hers, and she colored one of his as they talked about her life and also her challenges. He discovered that she had been sexually abused. He told the little girl that he’d always leave that little finger painted to remember her, which in return meant he’d remember her pain.

That’s when Elliot came up with the Polished Man project, a movement that encourages men around the world to become a #PolishedMan by painting a single fingernail for a week. That single fingernail on a hand represents the 1 in 5 children who will, sadly, at some point in their life be a victim of sexual abuse.

In the end, the hope is to not just see a shiny nail on a guy and keep in mind for a few seconds that there are thousands of children being sexually abused each and every day and suffering the outcomes from that for a lifetime. Instead, Elliot would like that single fingernail to be a start of a dialogue about this sad fact, that it may possibly lead to even more ideas to end it and maybe even.

Hopefully, we will see more and more men around town painting a nail in a bright eye-catching color. In case you notice a guy showing off this style, ask him about it. If you are a guy than paint one of your fingernails to remember all the kids who don’t have a voice in the matter.

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