Smoking Marijuana Is Good For Your Mental Health

Even though scientists have done lots of research, a lot of people still don’t know the benefits of smoking marijuana. Despite all of the research that proves that marijuana has shown amazing results when used as a cure, there is a wildly spread taboo talk that marijuana is an addictive drug that is abused by the general population. Marijuana is a cure that nature has given us and today you are going to learn the benefits that smoking marijuana has on your mental health and well-being.

1.It’s all natural.

Even though there are shady rumors about the plant, one thing is a fact and that is that marijuana is an all natural cure that nature has given us. It surprises me how many people think that marijuana is an awful drug that is highly addictive and those same people go to the pharmacist and get painkillers, sedatives and anti depression pills. A question I want to ask everyone is: “What do you think is better? A plant that is given to us by mother nature or something that is made in laboratories by humans in a chemical dust from?”. Also, a quick note I have to mention is that syntactic pills can be more addictive than marijuana, the cravings can affect the user on a physical and mental plan. Some medicine can give major physical pain when the person is trying to quit after a long time, some cravings can be as bad as taking heroin for the same amount of time. On the other hand, when trying to quit smoking marijuana you will not experience any physical pail and the mental cravings are not as bad as trying to quit cigarettes. (This is only for heavy users of marijuana that smoke for a long time, if you use a settle amount you will not have a problem when trying to quit).

2. It relieves your stress.

One of the most popular things that marijuana is known about is how much it stress relieves the person that smokes it. You do not need to smoke a lot of marijuana to feel the relief from stress. The mistake that a lot of people do is they smoke too much and that leaves them high or in the worst case scenario makes them feel bad. The dose and the type of marijuana are something you need to get into consideration. If you find the right type, and the right amount, you can do your daily tasks and do your job without any problem, and most important without any stress.

3. It makes you sleep better.

If you can’t fall asleep or have a problem with sleeping, marijuana will help you to sleep much better. It’s a no brainier that if you lack sleep you will have trouble with your energy levels throughout your entire day, so getting a good night sleep is crucial. A few shots of marijuana before going to bed will clear your mind of any thoughts and you will sleep much better. If marijuana is legal in the place you live in, consult a doctor on which marijuana is best for sleeping problems, it will help you a lot.

4. It gives you more positive thoughts.

Alright, when everyone thinks about a pothead the first image that comes to their mind is a happy guy who laughs without control and laughs at the most simple stuff. Marijuana makes you a much happier and more fun person to be around. You will find positivity in the most simple things. As long as you think about positive things the positivity will just keep growing. I know that there are a lot of people that have had bad experiences with marijuana and the problem is that either they smoked too much or they were with the wrong people.

This especially happens to new users since they have no control over the emotions they feel. They will smoke too much, be with people that have negative vibes, talk and think about bad things and then they will feel really bad. Everyone has a bad experience with marijuana at least once, in their smoking life, some people even experience that for the first time after years of smoking. If that happens to you I strongly recommend that you try not to stress too much about it and remember no matter what happens it will be over in 2 hours.

5. It will make you a more creative person.

You will be surprised from how much your creativity level will jump after you start smoking marijuana. It will give you new ideas and amazing inspiration. You will take inspiration from the weirdest thing, you will have astonishing thoughts, but the bad side is that if you don’t write down those ideas it is most likely that you will forget them, so write it down or it might be gone in a few seconds.

6. You will feel peace and harmony.

Marijuana is a weapon of peace. Megan Fox once said -“If the whole world smoked a joint at the same time, there will be peace in the world for at least 2 hours”. So one thing is sure- your mind will be in peace and harmony. Enjoy!