Things Men Don’t Really Notice About You Even Though You Think They Do

6. Your looks as you’re doing it in bed.

Know that during sex, a lot of times, a man is going to be concerned about making himself happy and giving you pleasure at the same time. He won’t be so concerned about whether your hair is on point or whether the lighting really highlights the beauty of your face. Those are trivial matters when having sex.

7. Your wrinkle on your forehead.

You are just going to bring about another wrinkle on your forehead if you keep stressing about the wrinkle that you already have. Your man won’t notice it at all. In fact, minor changes in your looks will probably go unnoticed to him a lot of the time. If he is engaged in a truly loving relationship with you, looks won’t matter all that much.

8. Your asymmetrical breasts.

They’re breasts. He’s going to love them whether they’re symmetrical or not. Don’t forget that at the end of the day, he’s still a guy.

9. The undyed roots of your hair.

Worried about having the undyed roots of your hair showing? Don’t stress. Your man doesn’t give a damn about it. It’s highly likely that he would be more worried about his own hair than he would be about yours.

10. Your eyebrow game.

Congratulations on having a strong eyebrow game. But you should know that even though your eyebrows are completely on fleek, it’s not necessarily something that your man will be enthused by. Just as long as you look presentable, he won’t really care all that much.